Products Available for Custom Orders

The products below are pieces from past collections that have already been sold and are now available for special orders. 

It is important to mention that each piece is unique and it is impossible for it to be exactly the same because there is always a variation in the color of the stone and some details, but rest assured we do everything with attention and we always seek excellence in our production, so we will do everything to make your order perfect and you very satisfy. 

Production time:

All of our pieces are handcrafted by us in our atelier in Portugal. Everything is done calmly and enthusiastically in the details, so we request a waiting time of up to 20 days after confirmation of purchase.

In case of any questions or if you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: [email protected]

You can also communicate with us on our social media channels. 

Instagram: @sigatribal

Special Orders

Siga Tribal Made to Order 2021


Yeah! Our agenda is open for special requests . You can now order your special piece by Siga Tribal. Our workshop is full creating uniquely beautiful products made to fit your needs. 

Custom Orders request are now welcome including belts with pockets, bags in all sizes and clothes in your special color. All you have to do is fill up the contact form with your details and how you wish your piece to be like. Please feel free to attach any reference of past works , photo or a draft via mail [email protected]

After that you will receive a reply from us with information regard available materials, stones to choose, details about the price, production deadline and form of payment. 

We looking forward to hear from you and work together!


Siga Tribal Team 

  • we reply all the mails, so please check your spam box in case you don’t find a mail answer from us 🙂 

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