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Welcome to Siga Tribal Made to Order

We are glad to announce that our agenda for made to orders 2023 is now open and we are looking forward to create your projects.


How can I order? 

It’s easy, you just write to us in the contact form below with the details of the item you would like to order. Be as specific as possible, talk about colors, material, size, stone you want, the design you expect. We want to hear from you.

Our goal is to create something you will love and that matches your brief. Of course keep in mind that we love to use our intuition when we create and this is an important point in the process.

Feel free to add photos or drawings of your project. You can build on items we’ve made in the past that are no longer available, but remember that each piece is unique and that’s why it’s so special. So we cannot guarantee that it will be exactly the same, but we will certainly do everything to make it look beautiful and as similar as possible.

We are very excited to receive your projects. We are also available on our email [email protected] and through our social networks Instagram and Facebook. 

Looking forward to hear from you :))) 


Aurea & Carlos 

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Tell us about your project. We are looking forward to work together.